Performance Platforms 
More funny business than imaginable.
  1. Zip-E the Clown
    Zip-E the Clown
    Parties, Strolling, Stage Shows
  2. Eccentric Adam
    Eccentric Adam
    Best Balloons Ever!
  3. The Monkey Man
    The Monkey Man
    Whatever works...
  4. Zip-E the Elf
    Zip-E the Elf
    All kinds of Christmas!
My name is Adam Zimmerman.
Clown is a way of life.  A giving and generous form of empathy, presented as playful performances. My work is to perfom freely from the heart. My gift is to play with whatever I need and often with "nothing" to create a world of eccentricities for my audience.  What happens next is up to you...
Theatrical/circus/contemporary clown and other forms of character work at all events!​ 

Performances; the subtleties of bringing the unimaginable to life.

Therapeutic retreats; quiet reflections and empathic connections in playshop - workshops.

Teaching​; his students will learn something of themselves through playful means that they can be proud of and celebrate.
Thank you for taking the time to review a little bit about what Eccentric Adam does. The images here represent a small aspect of the great effort Adam has put into his career thus far. His parent compmany AZP Inc., is located in Ottawa, Canada. As a perfromance play specialist Adam travels exensively to perform, share, teach, and celebrate play in all forms. Teaching and celebrating the creative nature of us all is his job; for Adam, to work is to play...