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Performance Platforms 
More funny business than imaginable.
  1. Zip-E the Clown
    Zip-E the Clown
    Parties, Strolling, Stage Shows
  2. Eccentric Adam
    Eccentric Adam
    Best Balloons Ever!
  3. The Monkey Man
    The Monkey Man
    Whatever works...
  4. Zip-E the Elf
    Zip-E the Elf
    All kinds of Christmas!
My name is Adam Zimmerman.
Clown is a way of life.  A giving and generous form of empathy, presented as play performances. My work is to perfom freely from the heart. My gift is to play with whatever props I need or with nothing at times to connect. I create a world of eccentricities through various forms.  What happens next is up to you.
Whichever performance platform you book, Adam will engage his audience professionally. For circus clown and other forms of character work at all events; the boistrous perfromance! For puppetry; the subtleties of bringing the unimaginable to life. For theraputic retreats; quiet reflections and empathic connections in playshop - workshops. And for teaching - his students will learn something of themselves through their playful means that they can be proud of and celebrate.
Thank you for taking the time to review a little bit about what Eccentric Adam does. The images here represent a small aspect of the great effort Adam has put into his career thus far. His parent compmany AZP Inc., is located in Ottawa, Canada. As a perfromance play specialist Adam travels exensively to perform, share, teach, and celebrate play in all forms. Work is play, teaching and ceelbrating the creative nature of us all is his job.
Ottawa's home for playful expertise. Adam Zimmerman is a play specialist with an avid interest in play and clown for supporting therapeutic practices.