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Adam Zimmerman Productions Inc.
An artists platform for creating theatre and performance art.

AZP INC. is the parent company which provides clients with all aspects of performance
for entertainment, theatre, and educational workshops that are created by Adam Zimmerman.  The mandate of the company allows Adam to create independent works of
art so that we may market them for production.  Adam certainly performs his work for entertainment, however it is his artistic goal to create a more compelling body of work that communicates his personal values through play. By being represented by an incorporated governing body of the same name, Adam is free to create playful pieces of work as an artist, while fufilling more completely the reach of play, and its impact through entertaining means.

Current platforms being artistically directed and performed by Adam Zimmerman:

Eccentric Adam
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Zip-E & Zip-E the Elf
The Monkey Man
Captain Flipper
Mr. Poulle Lette
The Dino Project
The Eccentric Puppet Emporium
Play to Play


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Our business is your confidence in our imagination.

Ottawa's home for playful expertise. Adam Zimmerman is a play specialist with an avid interest in play and clown for supporting therapeutic practices.